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GFC Treatment Patna

Dr. Abhijeet Kumar Jha’s offer GFC Treatment Patna for Skin and Hair. Skin & Hair Clinic offer commendable Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) therapy for rejuvenating skin and reducing hair fall. Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) therapy is an advanced skin PRP treatment that uses the body’s inherent cells for self healing and helps to rejuvenate skin with reducing hair fall.

What is GFC Therapy

GFC therapy is an excellent treatment for those who have acne, allergies, and dark spots. In GFC therapy rather than giving platelets, higher concentration of the client’s own growth factors are extracted from the platelets. Skin & Hair Clinic offer commendable Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) therapy for rejuvenating skin and reducing hair fall. GFC Treatment Patna

GFC face treatment in Patna

Treatment of Chemical Peel at Skin and hair clinic involves application of exfoliate to the problematic area of skin for removal of lesion and improvement of skin texture. We use different basic and acidic chemical agents to produce the effect of light into medium as well as deep chemical peel. In this process, the level of inflammation and penetration determines the peeling level. With the coordination of experts we facilitate you with one of the  best chemical peel treatment in Patna. GFC Treatment Patna.

gFC hair treatment procedure

Professionals at Skin and Hair clinic offer this third generation advance PRP treatment at most affordable pricing. The team of our clinic are experienced enough to deal with all kinds of skin and hair related issues. Human blood contains a variety of healing and growth factors and doctors use the same in GFC therapy. That makes this treatment purely safe and infection free. 

Conditions targeted by our dermatologist for the GFC face treatment include Fine lines and wrinkles, Smoother Texture, collagen production for tighter and toned skin and overall rejuvenation of glow. Along with GFC face treatment our experts also perform GFC hair treatment procedures for rejuvenation of the hair follicle, stimulation of hair growth, improving hair thickness and strength. 

GFC Clinic in Patna

As we grow older, the regenerating capability of our skin decreases, further causing our skin to look dull. So if you want to continue looking beautiful and youthful, you must get rid of this skin problem. Skin and hair clinic is a renowned name in the arena of delivering finest treatment for dermatological disorders


Got a Question?

Get solution for all your queries regarding skin and hair with experts advice

However, if one notices any abnormal changes or symptoms that are affecting the skin, hairs or nails must consult to a dermatologist. If one has any cosmetic concern they can also consult to a dermatologist.

Both dermatologists and Cosmetologists primarily focus on the external appearance of an individual. Basically, Dermatologists are those trained physicians who focus on treating the skin illness and diseases. Apart from this Cosmetologists are those who offer services regarding aesthetics.

It is scientifically proven that a few skin conditions cannot be treated permanent acne or pimple is one such condition that need period of treatments sessions. It may vary from person to person and their skin type.

Side effects with laser treatment are quite rare and can be either burning or scabbing. Specialists at Skin and hair clinic take precautions to accurately assess the health and skin sensitivity.


People Says about GFC treatment Patna

Very good behavior of doctor and listen every problem with patience. I am taking acne treatment from him and after 6 months I got clean and clear skin it's amazing. Earlier I visited many doctor but didn't got satisfied but here I received desired results with minimal charges and medicines. For taking treatment I travel from Ranchi to Patna and all problem go off by meeting the doctor as he is very humble and getting best positive results.
Hariom Tiwari
Awesome experience by getting treatment from dr Abhijeet Kumar Jha. Best part is his conversation with patient. Admire the way he define the disease and its treatment. Prescribes minimum medicines . Really a very nice skin specialist in Patna.
abhishek kumar review
Had very good experience. Have consulted Doctor Abhijit multiple times for skin issues of my nephews and my hair problem. He had been very helpful and his right direction and medication helped resolve it all very quickly. I feel Patna is blessed to have him especially in today's condition in Bihar where we struggle to get an expert medical help.
Shaharzad Rashid
He is very good doctor for hair treat....his treatment seems to be a miracle. I took hair loss treatment from him. He treated with Advance PRP and medication and after 4 months I got very nice results and hairfall completely stopped.
Archana Chaudhary
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