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Vitiligo is a disease for which there is no specific cure and it can continue till your life ends.But nowadays medical science has been developed a lot and there are some treatments available for Vitiligo disease. But for this treatment, you need to go to an experienced dermatologist who has treated vitiligo disease.

What is Vitiligo Treatment?

Some people have a skin problem of losing colour. Patches come on the skin. The patches have a sharp margin. The hair may also start to become white. Even the inside of the body is also affected. The treatment is medication and light-based. It restores the colour of the skin.

Reason to do Vitiligo Treatment.

A person going through vitiligo may face stress because of society. He might not like his looks. It can even cause people to distance from that person. So, the treatment is a must, so that a person can get back to his normal life and live happily.

How is Vitiligo Treatment done?

The treatment is done by medications and light. First, the doctor asks for your medical history and checks the skin. The treatment is based on the skin. The medical treatment uses drugs, cream, which can make the colour come back with side effects like thinning of the skin.

How our clinic can help in the Treatment of Vitiligo

Vitiligo treatment is not available at every hospital. You need to find out the best skin specialist for the Treatment of Vitiligo, which is Dr.Abhijeet Kumar Jha. He is the most qualified skin doctor in Patna. He has worked in AIIMS and has vast experience in skin therapy.We assure you that your disease will be treated without causing any side-effects.