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Radio Frequency

Radiofrequency Treatment is one of the most advanced forms of skin treatment which is rarely done in any clinic. But it is becoming a popular day-by-day. In most of the hospital, it is a very costly treatment. But in our clinic, you will get it at an affordable cost. The effects of this treatment can be observed very quickly within a few days.


Radiofrequency is enough capable to produce heat. It helps the skin to stimulate new collagen and elastin production. It will provide you with glamorous and younger looks. Radiofrequency can be used on both the face and body to get the best results within a short term of eight weeks.


One of the main advantages of radiofrequency treatment for skin is the sudden change in the skin’s appearance. It helps to produce new collagen and elastin in the body, and the old, damaged skin is replaced. New skin is naturally firmer and tighter which gives it a youthful appearance. This kind of treatment is also quick and painless. So most of the people now prefer this treatment in comparison to other treatment. These treatments are best suited for those people who are struggling with loose, saggy, or wrinkled skin. The side effects of this treatment are minimal in comparison to other treatment.


Our clinic has expert dermatologist Dr.AbhijeetKumar Jha who is expert in giving best Radiofrequency treatment at a minimum cost and he has experience of working in different reputed hospital across the country. He got various national and international awards for skin and hair treatment. Moreover, we can assure that he will guide you with necessary advice after the treatment gets over so that you remain safe and healthy for a long time and can assure without any side-effect.


Cosmetic dermatology is a department of dermatology which helps the patients who are extremely concerned regarding their skin and body. Cosmetic dermatologist helps them to address cosmetic concerns of patients.

Cosmetic dermatologists are medical doctors who have sought additional training in dermatology to assess and treat skin conditions cosmetically. Their skill sets include such procedures as Botox, collagen injections, chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser surgery and liposuction. It typically takes about 11 years following high school to become a dermatologist. Depending on what procedures dermatologists desire to perform, they may or may not have to pursue additional training to become a 'cosmetic' dermatologist, specifically. Many of the cosmetic procedures can be learned during a dermatology residency. Our expert dermatologist Dr.AbhijeetKumar Jha can easily do this treatment and meet your expectations regarding your looks. He is experienced in handling all skin and hair treatment for various diseases at an affordable cost. Moreover, he will give necessary advice to the patients so that the patient does not suffer from any kind of further side effect and stay fir and healthy for a long time.