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PRP Therapy is an advanced treatment which was first developed for the orthopaedic surgery.Cosmetic practitioners have dubbed the aesthetic facial Treatment the Vampire Facelift and it’s recently become a global hit. In this treatment, the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the patient’s face to address wrinkles or folds, and improve the overall skin condition. The Platelet Rich Plasma helps the skin to produce collagen and added growth factors which in turn lead to a more supported skin structure. This makes skin appear fuller, tighter and more youthful. From our own respective experience, the results can vary from the subtle extra youth boost to the extremely more younger-looking skin.

What is PRP therapy treatment?

PRP is platelet-rich plasma therapy. It is done when hair loss happens. It is therapy with three steps. First, we draw your blood. Then the blood is processed. Then it is injected in the scalp. PRP has been used since the 1980s. This makes hair grow naturally. The thickness of your hair increases.

The reason why to do PRP therapy?

Many people start losing their hair at an early age. This makes the person lose confidence. This is because of stress, genetics, or unhealthy habits people have nowadays. The treatment is done to make the hair grow again naturally. So that you can gain confidence again and live your life properly

How to do PRP treatment?

The treatment is done in 3 steps. First, the blood is taken, mostly from your arm, and put for purification. Blood gets separated into three layers when purification is done. The purest blood is used to inject into the scalp, where hair needs growth.

Role of our clinic in PRP treatment.

Dr.AbhijeetKumar Jha is a well-reputed dermatologist who can easily provide this treatment as he has worked in different reputed hospitals across the country. He will give you further advice after the treatment is over. Moreover, the fees for the treatment is nominal.