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Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation can be defined as a surgical procedure followed by a dermatologist where he/she takes hair from one part of the body and places it on the bald area of the head or any other place. This surgical technique is done under local anesthesia.This technique is mostly done when hair loss occurs. It can be due to various reasons like genetics, diet, stress, hormonal imbalance, and many more reasons are there. Generally, two types of hair transplant procedures are available firstly slit grafts and micrografts.

Benefits of hair transplantation

Hair loss starts with the growing age of a person. Due to various reasons like pollution, stress, anxiety, unhealthy lifestyle, dust, etc. people lose hair at a very young age. As a result, their confidence comes down, which has a great impact on their work. Hair transplantation is done to regain the confidence of the person so that he can live his life happily. A hair transplant is beneficial for those persons like women with thin hair or any other person who has lost hair due to scalp therapy or injury.

Procedure of Hair transplantation

At first, our hair and skin specialist checks the scalp, and anesthesia is given to the patient. Then shampoo is given to the scalp, and then it is treated with an antibacterial agent to reduce the risk. The hair is properly taken care of the donor area of the body and then placed that area on the bald area. There are different common side effects like shock loss, and bald patches can also occur. Moreover, after hair transplantation, you can feel pain so that doctors will provide you with pain medication, antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection, and anti-inflammatory medicines to prevent the risk of swelling down.

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We are one of the best hair and skin specialty clinics in Patna. Dr.Abhijeet Kumar Jha is one of the most reputed and famous doctors in Patna. He has done MBBS (Hons) and has working experience in AIIMS hospital. We provide you with the best hair treatment using the latest technology and instruments. Our clinic has a well-developed infrastructure with maintaining proper hygiene care

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If you are having hair loss problems and require hair transplantation techniques, then we are the one-stop solution for you. Our expert doctor will not only give you the best treatment but also give necessary advice after the treatment so that you do not have to go through from any side-effect.