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Dermatologists are the doctors who are specialised in treating all diseases related to skin and hair. Dermatosurgery is a part of dermatology which is done by dermatologists for giving the best treatment to the patients as required by them. Dr.AbhijeetJha is the best dermatologist who has working experience in AIIMS. So he can easily handle all dermatosurgery. Dr.AbhijeetJha’s clinic is the best for all kinds of skin surgeries and hair treatment.

What is Dermatosurgery?

Dermatosurgery has become very popular in our country. Dermatosurgery is done when there is no other procedure left for giving treatment to the patients. It also has other treatments like botox, fillers for facial rejuvenation, chemical peels, Mesotherapy, and PRP for hair loss. It helps in removing the wrinkles, lines on the forehead and other places, scars, warts, etc. Fillers remove fine lines, plump lips, repair the skin of hands.

Reason to do Dermatosurgery

There is no particular reason for doing dermatosurgery. It is basically done if there is any serious issue which cannot be treated through medicine or injection. Our clinic will provide you with the best dermatosurgery at a minimal cost.

How to do dermatosurgery?

Dermatosurgery includes various kinds of surgeries using the latest technology and instruments. Radiofrequency surgery helps in the rejuvenation of the skin and does not affect the skin in the wrong ways. It is a scarless surgery which helps in removing the scars. Fillers injections erase the fine lines, plump lips, and help in filling the gaps in the skin. Chemical peeling can remove the ageing of hands, neck, and chest.


If you need dermatology treatment then consult with our reputed doctor who will guide you about different types of dermatosurgery and can advise you which surgery will fulfil your needs. Our expert doctor will give you the treatment at an affordable cost and can guarantee you with no side effects.