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Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel Treatment In Patna With Expert Dermatologist

No one wants dull, patchy and uneven skin because it is a sign of aging. But as we grow older, regenerating capability of our skin decreases, causing our skin look dull. So if you want to continue looking beautiful and youthful, you must get rid of this skin problem.  Chemical peel treatment is one of the best and effective technique through which you can treat dull and uneven skin tone. Dr. Abhijeet Jha’s clinic provides best Chemical peel in Patna, helping you to give new life to your dull and unhealthy skin.

Chemical Peel Helps You Rejuvenate Skin

Chemical Peel in Patna at Dr. Abhijeet Jha's clinic involves application of exfoliate to the problematic area of skin for removal of lesion and improvement of skin texture. We use different basic and acidic chemical agents to produce effect of light into medium as well as deep chemical peel. In this process, the level of inflammation and penetration determines the peeling level. We provide best chemical peel in Patna, helping you to improve the appearance and glow of your skin.

What Skin Condition Does Chemical Peel Treat?

The procedure of chemical peel is usually done on face, hands and neck. Person with fair skin and light hairy skin are most suitable for this procedure. We, at Dr. Abhijeet Jha's clinic provide best Chemical Peel in Patna that remove unwanted wounds from your skin and make you feel younger. Listed below are some skin conditions that we treat at our clinic through chemical peeling:

  • For pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation
  • For treatment of acne as well as acne scar
  • For dark age spots, freckles, wrinkles
  • For fine lines under eye, around mouth and more

Chemical peeling will remove dead skin and make your skin able to work better. Not only this, it will also remove scaly spots which may contain pre cancerous keratosis. We are among the best clinic for Chemical peel in Patna where you will get treatment from Dr. Abhijeet Jha, a specialist dermatologist.