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Botox and Filler Injection

Nowadays there are a lot of options for wrinkle treatment. People want to have that treatment which will last for a longer period. Botox and dermal filler treatment will last for a long time so it is becoming popular day-by-day. Our expert dermatologist Dr.AbhijeetJha is an expert in doing this treatment so you can contact us for further details.

What is the Botox and filler treatment?

Botox and filler is defined as a cosmetic treatment which is done with the help of injections by expert doctors otherwise there can be several issues. This treatment does not involve surgery. It is given to remove wrinkles from your face and body. This treatment has to be repeated every 3 to 4 months.

Reason to do botox and dermal fillers treatment

The reason for using this treatment is that the skin starts looking old at an early age. The treatment is done to remove the wrinkles so that the person starts looking young again. The fillers fill the areas which are thinned because of ageing, like cheeks, lips, and around the mouth.

How to do botox and dermal fillers treatment

Botox is an injection that has bacteria to make your skin young again. Botox removes the wrinkles by blocking the nerves. It removes the lines between brows, forehead, around the eyes, etc. The cheeks, lips, and the area around the mouth look young because of filler injections.

Role of our Clinic in botox and dermal fillers treatment

Botox and filler treatments can cause various side effects like rashes, itching, pain, bleeding, etc after the treatment is over. Dr.Abhijeet Kumar Jha is a reputed dermatologist who can give this treatment very well and can guarantee you no side-effects.