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Body Hair

If you are tired of your body hair and want to remove it through a proper medical procedure, then we are here to help you out.Dr.AbhijeetJha is one of the reputed dermatologists in Patna who can easily remove your body hair by using the latest techniques and instruments.

What is body hair removal treatment?

Body hair removal is a medical procedure for removing the excessive hair present on the body. Earlier, only women used to take this treatment, but nowadays, men are also interested in removing the hair on their bodies. Most men get their hair removed from armpits, legs, etc.

Reason for hair removal treatment.

Many people have excessive hair on their bodies in comparison to others for which their confidence goes down. It is an essential treatment if you are a sportsman, bodybuilder, etc. However, nowadays, normal people also remove body hair to boost their confidence and can achieve success. People remove the hair on their different body parts to reduce the risk of infection, which is caused by bacteria and germs.

How to do body hair removal treatment?

For removing body hair, you have to consult with a dermatologist if you want to have full safety with no side-effects. Then there are different kinds of hair removal treatments like laser hair removal, waxing, electrolysis, back shavers, cream hair removers, etc. These are the best medical techniques for hair removal treatment from the chest, back, arms, legs, etc. The time of the treatment ranges from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Role of our Clinic in Hair Removal

We have the best skin specialist doctor in Patna, Dr.Abhijeet Kumar Jha. He is a well-known doctor and has experience of working in many big hospitals like AIIMS. He has received many awards at international levels. He is the best dermatologist in Patna. If you have any doubts regarding our service, contact us through mail or call or can visit our clinic. We can guarantee you that our doctor will give you the best treatment for hair removal from your body.