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Dr. Abhijeet Kumar Jha

If you are searching for the best hair and skincare clinic in Patna, then your searching process comes to an end because Dr.Abhijeet Kumar Jha will provide you with the best treatment regarding your skin and hair. He is an experienced doctor who is capable enough to handle all kinds of major and minor issues related to skin and hair. He offers all the treatment at a reasonable cost so that every person can get the best treatment. He is regarded as the best doctor in Patna because he received a lot of awards from various national and international organizations like he was awarded by European academy of dermatology, global education environment award by the international society of dermatology, awarded a scholarship for the world congress of dermoscopy and many more are there.

We provide you the best services for hair loss treatments, trichology, hair transplant, Mesotherapy, chemical pills, radiofrequency, botox and filler injection, laser, anti-aging solution, skin rejuvenation, Eczema, dermatosurgery, vitiligo, and cosmetic dermatology. We have the best hair and skin clinic in Patna. We provide you with the best hair treatments like advanced PRP, anti-hair fall treatment. We have advanced facilities for anti-aging treatment and dark spots like a peel. We have the best dermatosurgery therapy for acne scars, vitiligo, botox, and filler in Patna. You will also get a laser facility along with a tattoo removal treatment. We offer a friendly environment to the patients so that they can easily communicate with the doctor and staff and 24x7 working hours facility.

The treatment has 100% guaranteed results and no side effects. We are the best hair and cosmetic clinic with one of the most qualified doctors in Patna. We provide skin-friendly treatments to you and have the best general dermatology in Patna.